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Trip To the Yankee Peddler

This past weekend the weather was spectacular.  Saturday we decided to make the trek to the Yankee Peddler Festival.  We used to attend the festival about every other year but we hadn’t gone in over 5 years.    We ended up taking the “scenic route” (i.e. we went the wrong way).  Thank goodness for the GPS or we would still be driving around….

We  eventually got there, parked and went and paid our $27.00 for the three of us to enter.  We quickly realized that the festival was not what we remembered.  There were not as many artists there as there used to be.  The size was definitely a shock.  There was a whole area that used to be full of artists that was just empty.

Here are a few pics from our time spent at the Yankee Peddler…

Son and Hubby

Son and Hubby

Son by Awesome Metal Sculpture

Son by Awesome Metal Sculpture

Period Dressed Soldier

Yankee Fiddler

Yankee Fiddler

Carved Lawn Dragon

Carved Lawn Dragon

All in all we did not enjoy ourselves..    It is hard to justify the $27.00 that we spent to get in.  For $27.00 this should be a spectacular art fair with an enormous amount of artists, instead it was a quite a let down.  There were fewer artists  than in the past when we attended and it was hard to get over the fact of what we spent to enter and then to buy something on top of that just wasn’t going to happen.   On a positive note, it was a beautiful day…not a cloud in the sky and perfect temps. in the low to mid 70′s and we got out of the house.

Will we go back?  Absolutely not.  I will, however, continue going to local Art Festivals like the Lakewood Art Festival, the Chagrin Falls Art By the Falls, the Hudson Art On the Green and one of my favorites the By Hand Art Show at the IX Center.  All are free to the public and all have fabulous artists.  There are so many Art Festivals in the Cleveland/Akron area that are free with great artists that make this a real disappointment.

A Trip To The Zoo!

The son and I took a trip to the Akron Zoo today.  We have been looking forward to going all summer and finally made it.  We were excited to see the jaguar cubs.

Jaguar Cubs

Jaguar Cubs playing in the water

Jaguar Mommy

Jaguar Mommy watching over her cubs

It was crazy trying to get to see the cubs.  I think everyone at the zoo was there just to see them and that is where they all were.  We finally got in close enough to get a good view of them and it was worth it.

Every time we go to the Akron Zoo we have to get a picture of the llamas because they always make us laugh….


Say Cheese, Llama

We really like the Akron Zoo.  Brandon and I grew up in Northeast Ohio and had never been there up until a couple years ago and it is a really nice zoo.  It’s not huge but they do a very nice job with their exhibits and have a good variety of animals.  It makes a nice day trip.