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This Year’s Gingerbread House…..

With all the snow we have been getting, it sure does look like Christmas.  The house is decorated, gifts are bought, now it is time to start baking.

So with our blizzard like weather last week I decided to make this year’s gingerbread house.  I looked around online and decided that I didn’t want to try to make something elaborate I wanted to make something simple.  Something that wouldn’t take two weeks to complete!  I found a template on Martha Stewart’s website and also a recipe for making the house from a chocolate cookie dough.  I thought that would be easier, why not try it?

Well, that didn’t work out so good.  That cookie recipe just didn’t work for me.  I made them and they just cracked when I took them off the cookie sheet. :-(   So gingerbread it was.

It took me a couple days to get it done….thanks to the weather and my running out of eggs!  Nevertheless, it is done and here is 2010′s Christmas Gingerbread House!gingerbread_front



I used egg whites instead of meringue powder to make my icing and it has a hint of yellow to it.  Oh well, live and learn!

Next,  it’s time to make  Christmas Cookies and I am going to try my hand at making some candy!?

Welcome, Foolish Mortals…



Welcome to our Halloween Celebration.  We have been expecting you.

Come inside and make yourself comfortable.  Hang up your cloak and park your broom…..hall_tree3

Don’t mess with Medusa or she’ll get very angry…. Oh No!!! I think she’s getting unhappy with us….We better be moving onpleasant_medusamean_medusa

Take a look around but excuse the housekeeping.  We’ve been very busy and things have gotten a bit disheveled.  Don’t mind the spiders, they seem to be taking over but we think they are harmless…..chandelier_2

Come into the “Living” Room and sit for a spell….



Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched?


On the mantle you can see some of our nutcracker collection….the wooden skull was carved by Brandon, the other two are vintage.


There is one of our felines, Leo, by a bust of our dear departed Uncle Vladamir…. Leo loved old Vlad but it looks like he has made a new friend.


Try not to pick up any hitchhikers from our home, but sometimes it is unavoidable.


Our Halloween tree is decorated with autumn colors and some hand crafted ornaments.




On the tree is the ornament I won earlier this year in a giveaway.  It was created by the wonderful artist, Laurie Hardin….


Come into the kitchen and have a bite before you have to run….

Maybe you’d like a scary Spider Cupcake and a tasty drink concoction…



Look at the time it is getting late…..batwingclock

Giveaway Time!!!!

As a thank you for attending our Halloween Party we are having our first Giveaway. Just leave us a comment to have your chance to win either….

The Hand Painted Jack-O-Lantern Ornament


The Hand Painted Mean Black Kitty Ornament


Or last but not least…..

The Spooky Haunted House Candle Holder

haunted house

If you want another chance to win a Giveaway Party Favor, add my blog to your blogroll and let me know in your comment and I will give you another entry.  I will draw three winners on Monday, October 19th at 9:00 pm.  The first winner will get first choice of items, the second will get to pick from the remaining two.  Please provide a valid email where I can reach you if you win.

Some Other News!!!

Last Wednesday our son heard something outside, he opened the front door and this is what was there….

This little guy apparently was dropped off by someone and he really wanted in the house.  He was climbing our screens and making himself be heard.  After spending a couple days looking for a home for him it started to really rain.   Brandon felt bad for him and put him in his shop thinking he could be a shop cat.  A couple days later, it got really cold and we decided that he is a super nice and lovey cat and that we could make room in our home for him.  I scheduled the vet appointment to make sure he was good and healthy and everything checked out so not we have a new kitty.


Only a few problems….Molly, our other black cat, is very sassy and doesn’t like any changes.  She will not take this well.  Leo, our gray cat, is trying to get along with kitty and I think in the end they will be good buddies.

Our other problem, we can use your help to name him.  We cannot decide on a name.  So please vote in our “Help Name our New Kitty Poll. Also, if you think he should be named something other than one of the names on the list, please enter it in the “Other” space.

[polldaddy poll=2112063]

Thanks For Stopping At Our Blog Party!  Remember to leave a comment to be entered to win a giveaway prize!

Summer’s Here!

Summer’s officially here it started off a little bit bumpy for me.  The day after our son’s last day of school I got sick and and am now beginning to feel better.  Lots of things I wanted to do and places I had planned on going that I had to pass on which made me a little upset but nothing could be done about it.   I will just have to do them now!

Now I started painting some projects that have been looming and have a bunch more I want to get moving on.  I also re-listed my Bat Wing II Clock on Ebay


Bat Wing II Clock

Bat Wing II Clock

Bat Wing II Clock

Bat Wing II Clock

Bat Wing II Clock

Bat Wing II Clock

We have been busy with yard work and gardening.  I really need to get a load of mulch but really despise moving and spreading it.  Maybe this week I will get motivated to do it because I am already tired of weeding!

This year I bought trough-like planters for on the decks and they are begining to fill in nicely

Trough Window Box Planter

Trough Window Box Planter

I noticed a trend in my flower preference this year, Orange!

Orange Begonia

Orange Begonia

I am really liking all the orange flowers.

Our garden is starting to come to life, too.   It is amazing to watch everything grow from seed into plants.  The only problem this year with the garden is Molly



Every time I go down to water or weed she believes she is helping me by digging at the plants!

Then the most amazing thing happened yesterday!  I baked a Banana Cream Pie.  I figured I had better take a picture of it because I haven’t done that in over a decade!  The last one was a complete disaster.  This one was actually pretty darn good.

Banana Cream Pie

Banana Cream Pie

Banana Cream Pie

Banana Cream Pie