For the Fourth of July I made Tiramisu for our dessert.  I have been wanting tiramisu for months.  I am, however, trying to lose some weight so it just didn’t seem to be part of my plan.  Well, Dane started asking when we could go and have tiramisu……so I figured I would make a low fat, low calorie version.

I searched on the internet for a recipe that would be like what I wanted.  What I wanted was the tiramisu from Tony’s Town Square Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom.  Their version is so light and fluffy and yummy but I can’t just jump on a plane and go eat at Tony’s though, darn it.


This recipe came very close.  It was light and fluffy like Tony’s and I cut down some of the fat even more by using fat free cream cheese.  Here is a picture of the results…..

Cooking Light's Tiramisu Recipe

Cooking Light's Tiramisu Recipe

If you want the recipe or you are looking for any recipe for tiramisu click this link for  Heavenly Tiramisu where you can find this recipe for Cooking Light’s Recipe.

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  1. That looks really, REALLY good and I am all for cutting a bit of fat out when possible! So am totally going to check that out!


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