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This Is Halloween!!!

It is time to light the pumpkins and wear our costumes!




Friday we had a beautifully warm sunny day to carve our pumpkins.  I cleaned out the pumpkins, I only bled a little :cry:   Dane, our son, carved 3 and Brandon and I both carved 2 each.  This year we just did old fashioned pumpkin carving instead of the elaborate patterns and it was much more enjoyable.   We grew our own pumpkins this year and what I learned from that is….next year we need to plant more!  We ended up with 9 pumpkins from three plants.  Next year we will be down to grapes, hops, maybe some berry plants and just a few tomato plants in the garden.  The field at the back of our property is going to be planted with lots of pumpkins!  I just love pumpkins!


Tonight is Trick-Or-Treating!  Maybe this year we will get a few kids!  Last year we didn’t even get one……Since we moved to the country it’s the only thing I miss.  We used to get hundreds now we are lucky if we get a couple….But we are ready for them if they come!  Dane is looking forward to going Trick-Or-Treating.  He is going to be a scary magician and he is going  Trick-or-Treating with his friend.  There is lots of candy to be had!

More pictures later!!!!!!