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I See Winners In The Future!

I checked the clock in the skull…..

skullwithclocktime Yep, It was time to pick some winners!!!!!!!


The fortune telling skull of Zoltar suggested we number each entry and we throw them into a witches hat…….Have the young man of the house draw the winning numbers……….

The first number drawn….number54

Lucky Number 54!!!  Elaine R…. was the first winner!  She chose the Haunted House Candle Holder

The second lucky number drawn…..number3

Number 3 – Chris Klinger from Desings By CK got to chose between the two hand painted ornaments.  Chris chose the Jack-O-Lantern Ornament.

The third number picked was…….number44

Lucky 44!  That was Piper from Woodland Wonderings!  She will receive the Mean Black Cat ornament.

Then there’s the business of the Kitten’s name!  We got some really creative and unique name ideas, like Midnight, Pywacket, Poe, Tolstoy, Anaken Vadar, Lucky and Harry (Harry Potter)….  Now it is up our young man of the home to give the finally vote for kitty’s name……… I will post the name when the decision is made!  There is also good news regarding the cats….they are all getting along!  I wouldn’t have bet on that, but I am delighted that they are being good with each other, so far.  ;)

I had a great time this weekend visiting all the blog parties!  So many creative people all having a blast putting together their versions of a Hauntingly Magical Halloween Celebration! A special thanks to Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist for organizing the event and as always having one of the most creative and beautiful blogs.  Thank You So Much!