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Look What I Got In The Mail…..

In June I participated in the Mad Tea Party and enjoyed bog hopping to all the blog tea parties!  Everyone’s so creative and it’s just a good time to see everyone’s tea parties!

I got lucky too!  I won a giveaway from Inge at PinkePinke.  What a wonderful surprise.  I recieved this lovely package from Belgium (love the bunnies!)…IMG_7172Inside that package was the cutest bag with tag…….IMG_7176 Inside were these most wonderful Artist Trading Cards…IMG_7183IMG_7184

and this lovely pendant….IMG_7181

Inge is quite a talented paper artist and I just adore the ATC’s and pendant!

It has been a real summer around here with all the super hot weather but I am already looking forward to the Halloween Blog Party!  I do love Halloween!   I just don’t want the summer to fly by any quicker than it is!!!  It’s hard to believe that it is the end of July already.

Birthday Chain Maille Bracelet

Along with Dane’s party over the weekend we also celebrated my mom’s, my dad’s, and Brandon’s dad’s birthdays too.

It is hard to buy things for my parents because they have everything and if they want something they just go and buy it.  After racking my brain trying to figure out what to buy for my mom I decided I would make her a bracelet that I had been wanting to make for a while.

Chain maille Wide Bracelet

Chain Maille Wide Bracelet

Wide Bracelet

Chain Maille Wide Bracelet

Chain maille Wide Bracelet

Chain Maille Wide Bracelet

I really enjoy making jewelry but have gotten away from doing it.  After making this bracelet for my mom I think I have re-caught the jewelry bug.  I can see more jewelry making in my future!