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Happy New Year!

amarylisHappy New Year!  I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday season.  We have had a really nice holiday season this year.  Brandon has been on vacation and we have just been hanging out at home and doing some visiting too.

Everyone had a really nice Christmas.  Just look at what my sister and brother-in-law sent for me!

Olszewski Gallery of Light Disney's Snow White and Dopey "A Kiss for Dopey"

Olszewski Gallery of Light Disney's Snow White and Dopey "A Kiss for Dopey"

Olszewski Gallery of Light Disney's Snow White and Dopey "A Kiss for Dopey"

Olszewski Gallery of Light Disney's Snow White and Dopey "A Kiss for Dopey"

I just love it!  It looks perfect by our castle.

Now it is on to the new year.  I listed Brandon’s newest masterpiece, the Seahorse figural nutcracker, on Ebay today.

Seahorse Figural Nutcracker

Seahorse Figural Nutcracker

I was happy to have family and friends see it completed.  Everyone loves it, so do I.  It is truly beautiful.

Come In……We’ve Been Expecting You……

Welcome to our Halloween Blog Party.  How nice of you to stop by…..Come right this way…..skele-finger

It has been a hectic time around here, so much to do so little time.  But I won’t bore you with all the strange events that have been happening in our abode…..I think first we should sit for a spell and have a couple refreshments and I will show you around….table_2

Help yourself to a cookie…..cookies

Or try a cupcake…..cupcakes_2

I tried out an idea that we had, that adding a Miniature Reese’s Cup to the batter would be worth trying.  I made Devils Food cupcakes added the Reese’s Cup.  After they cooled I frosted half with Peanut Butter Frosting and the other half with a recipe I had read on Tasty Kitchen.  Here is a picture of how the cupcake experiment came out….cupcake_half

Notice how the Reese’s Cup sank to the bottom.  It also didn’t melt, it kind of hardened.  The frosting recipes are wonderful (for the recipes just click on the above links).  The peanut butter is wonderful on the Devils Food cupcake. :-)

Anyway, make yourself a potion to wash it all down…potions_2

Now that we have had our refreshments I’ll just show you around.  Here are some pictures of the family room…..livingroom_2

The fireplace mantle…..mantle

My tribute to the Haunted Mansion….haunted_mansion

Our hitchhiker, Gus….


One of our old favorite decorations…..our fiber-optic black cat…fiberopticcat

Here are a  few more photos from around the house…..skullandhands



Our Halloween Tree….righttree

Young and Old Mr. Gracy Ornaments. Characters from the Haunted Mansion….twogracys


The  Bat Wing Mantle Clock is in a new spot in the house….  batwingclock

I also made a Phantom Manor Gingerbread House….gingerbread_5



I kind of have the Haunted Mansion on the brain so I am going to do two giveaways.  The first is a Haunted House candle holder….hauntedhousegiveaway

The other will be for two Halloween Eggs I painted.  I painted a few of them to put in my kitchen fruit bowl….eggs_2eggs_close

To enter to win just leave me a comment.  I will randomly draw winners on Sunday, October 24th in order to get them shipped in time for Halloween!

Thanks so much for stopping by and have fun Blog Partying and have a spooktacular Halloween!


For the Fourth of July I made Tiramisu for our dessert.  I have been wanting tiramisu for months.  I am, however, trying to lose some weight so it just didn’t seem to be part of my plan.  Well, Dane started asking when we could go and have tiramisu……so I figured I would make a low fat, low calorie version.

I searched on the internet for a recipe that would be like what I wanted.  What I wanted was the tiramisu from Tony’s Town Square Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom.  Their version is so light and fluffy and yummy but I can’t just jump on a plane and go eat at Tony’s though, darn it.


This recipe came very close.  It was light and fluffy like Tony’s and I cut down some of the fat even more by using fat free cream cheese.  Here is a picture of the results…..

Cooking Light's Tiramisu Recipe

Cooking Light's Tiramisu Recipe

If you want the recipe or you are looking for any recipe for tiramisu click this link for  Heavenly Tiramisu where you can find this recipe for Cooking Light’s Recipe.

Give Away Update!

If  you are looking for the Tea Party it is the following post!  I just wanted to announce that I am extending the deadline for entries for the give away.  There were sooooo many parties to attend that I think more time is needed.  I will draw two names Saturday, July 3rd.

Remember to be entered in the give away to just leave a comment after the Mad Tea Party.   Thanks!  IMG_6781