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New Halloween Items

My favorite holiday is coming and I had a few things that were sitting around here that I wanted to get painted for Halloween. First I painted a wood bowl.  I base coated the bowl in a antique white and gave it a distressed chippy look and  I painted a vintage style Black Cat.  Heed the warning!  I know our two black cats we have are quite spunky and full of personality!

Beware Black Cats!  Wood Bowl

Beware Black Cats! Bowl

Beware Black Cats!  Wood Bowl

Beware Black Cats! Wood Bowl

The bowl is currently listed on Etsy .


Spooky Halloween Book Clock

I also painted another clock.  This one I painted to look like some spooky books….


Spooky Halloween Book Clock


Spooky Halloween Book Clock

Theses books would make for some spooky reading.  The bottom book is a drawer and makes a nice hiding space for your potion ingredients ;-) or other valuables.  The spooky Book Clock is listed on Ebay.


Halloween Cake Stand

The third item I painted was a wood cake stand.  I painted it in a vintage Halloween theme with the crescent moon and a witch flying by.  The bottom has bats and stars and the base also has bats and stars and also a flying owl.


Halloween Cake Stand


Halloween Cake Stand


Halloween Cake Stand

The Halloween Cake Stand is also listed on Ebay.

I am working on a few more items I hope to have finished in a couple days.

Belated Halloween Greetings!


I hope everyone had a Spooktacular Halloween!  I know we did.  We’d been getting ready for our Halloween festivities for months.  To look around our house it looked as if we’ve done the same things as normal.  But were they?

Nope here is how we spent our Halloween this year!castle_side

On Saturday, October 30th we hopped a plane and headed south for a week of fun at Disney World ….

We attended the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party on Monday, November 1st.  We decided last minute that we would surprise Dane with tickets to the event.  We had gone 3 years ago and enjoyed it but the weather really put a damper on it as it rained all night.  Not this year though, this year we had perfect weather and we had a fabulously fun time!

Our favorite ride, The Haunted Mansion, is made more spooky with special lighting and fog…..hauntedmansion_foggy



With deciding last minute to do the party I had to come up with a costume idea that was easy to travel with and not cumbersome while walking around the park.  I had found Incredibles shirts on Stylin Online and bought us some masks at our local Halloween store and there you have it, our costumes…incredible_family

The last time we attended only Dane dressed up.  It was much more fun with us all dressed up.  I couldn’t believe the reaction our simple costume received.  The majority of adults do not dress at all so when the Disney Cast Members see a family dressed up they make a big deal about it.  It was so fun.

We hit the candy stations and we weighed our bounty when we got home and we had over 5 pounds of candy!  I was concerned that it was the last night of the event and they might skimp but they didn’t and they handed out really good candy.  There was only one station Dane didn’t like, they handed out raisins.  So the rest of the night we were on the lookout for the candy barrels without the raisins!

During the Halloween Party event they have different or rare characters walking around.  The had the 7 Drawfs for a character meet and greet and the line for that was Looooong.  We skipped that.  But we did get pictures with….

The Queen from Snow White as the old hag…..boyandwitch

Smee from Peter Pan…..smee

And also Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas….boyandJack

We had a super fun time at the party.  It is fun to see all the costumes and how they decorate and light the park.


Spooky Train Station


Spooky Castle


Town Hall

It is amazing how quickly Disney goes from Halloween to Christmas………




We go into the Christmas spirit early this year thanks to the quick change of decorations!  We had a whole week of fun at Disney and now it’s back to reality.

Come In……We’ve Been Expecting You……

Welcome to our Halloween Blog Party.  How nice of you to stop by…..Come right this way…..skele-finger

It has been a hectic time around here, so much to do so little time.  But I won’t bore you with all the strange events that have been happening in our abode…..I think first we should sit for a spell and have a couple refreshments and I will show you around….table_2

Help yourself to a cookie…..cookies

Or try a cupcake…..cupcakes_2

I tried out an idea that we had, that adding a Miniature Reese’s Cup to the batter would be worth trying.  I made Devils Food cupcakes added the Reese’s Cup.  After they cooled I frosted half with Peanut Butter Frosting and the other half with a recipe I had read on Tasty Kitchen.  Here is a picture of how the cupcake experiment came out….cupcake_half

Notice how the Reese’s Cup sank to the bottom.  It also didn’t melt, it kind of hardened.  The frosting recipes are wonderful (for the recipes just click on the above links).  The peanut butter is wonderful on the Devils Food cupcake. :-)

Anyway, make yourself a potion to wash it all down…potions_2

Now that we have had our refreshments I’ll just show you around.  Here are some pictures of the family room…..livingroom_2

The fireplace mantle…..mantle

My tribute to the Haunted Mansion….haunted_mansion

Our hitchhiker, Gus….


One of our old favorite decorations…..our fiber-optic black cat…fiberopticcat

Here are a  few more photos from around the house…..skullandhands



Our Halloween Tree….righttree

Young and Old Mr. Gracy Ornaments. Characters from the Haunted Mansion….twogracys


The  Bat Wing Mantle Clock is in a new spot in the house….  batwingclock

I also made a Phantom Manor Gingerbread House….gingerbread_5



I kind of have the Haunted Mansion on the brain so I am going to do two giveaways.  The first is a Haunted House candle holder….hauntedhousegiveaway

The other will be for two Halloween Eggs I painted.  I painted a few of them to put in my kitchen fruit bowl….eggs_2eggs_close

To enter to win just leave me a comment.  I will randomly draw winners on Sunday, October 24th in order to get them shipped in time for Halloween!

Thanks so much for stopping by and have fun Blog Partying and have a spooktacular Halloween!

It’s Beginning To Look A Little Bit Like….Halloween!!!

Oh Halloween, my favorite holiday. It’s less than a month until the Halloween Blog Party!  Stores are stocking their costumes and decorations. The area farms have fields full of pumpkins, which is a good thing because I think I am only going to get a few from what I planted. (Note to self…plant more pumpkins next year!!!)   I am no farmer but I love growing pumpkins!

I have been in the mood to decorate for Halloween but so far the only Halloween decorations I have out are those I have out year round and my newly acquired items.  I bought a Yankee Candle Boney Bunch Headless Horseman…..

Boney Bunch Headless Horseman

Boney Bunch Headless Horseman

A glittery owl,

Glittery Owl

Glittery Owl

And I have the Bat Wing Clock I painted out on our mantle while it waits to find a new home….

Our Fireplace Mantle

Our Fireplace Mantle

Bat Wing Clock

Bat Wing Clock

Bat Wing Clock Front

Bat Wing Clock Front

There are more pictures of the clock at our Etsy Store and on my past post .

Then there are my Christopher Klinger postcards that I love.  I display them on a shelf in the kitchen….

Christopher Klinger Postcards

Christopher Klinger Postcards

With the announcement of the Blog Party I am wanting to get everything out of storage and do the whole house so we can enjoy everything for a while.   I guess I will start that this week!   I also have projects that I have been working on that I need to get finished for Halloween!!!